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We are in the midst of a psychedelic renaissance; the healing potential of different psychedelic substances are being researched scientifically again and the results seem very promising. But the clinical use is still a ways off. Many people struggle with mental health problems that are difficult to treat effectively and find hope in messages from the media about the scientific results. In Holland the consumption of magic truffles is legal which allows us to support your use of this substance.

Magic truffles are an amazing tool for self discovery and healing. But magic truffles respond proportionally to the engagement of the facilitators and the client. Recreational use can bring a wonderful experience but if the goal is deep healing then a corresponding engagement is necessary.

If you feel ready for this; with our psychological and therapeutic experience we can provide you with the techniques, skills, information and support to empower you to start this process.



We all struggle with our feelings, emotions and our behaviour to a varying degree. Making sense of this and learning to appreciate and manage this is a fascinating adventure that we enjoy supporting you with. Together we will investigate the subconscious organisations that seem to be holding you back in your daily life. Then we will help you find the mindset that will help you relate to the parts in a more heathy way. There are a great many wonderful therapeutic methods that can help us do this. We will be combining many of them, tailoring our approach to your specific needs, wishes and aims.

The program will include some cognitive preparation, understanding the basic neurobiological functioning of the brain, understanding the informing role of emotions and the language of the subconscious, recognising and working with the thoughts that occupy our minds and teach you exercises that help you regulate the tensions in your body.

We work as a male-female therapist couple, similar to the successful MAPS and the Johns Hopkins trials. This means you will have privacy and a high level of personal attention available. The therapeutic models that we use work with the subconscious material unlike the more regular cognitive therapies because the psychedelic experience of the magic truffles will connect you to your deeply engrained unconscious organisations that are very difficult to heal from a cognitive approach.

N.B. we will not be able to support you with the psychedelic experience of any other substances than magic truffles; this includes pure psilocybin and magic mushrooms.



If you are interested in using magic truffles and are looking for professional support, we offer a powerful program aimed at uncovering the deeper protective systems that may be holding you back and healing them. 

We have developed this 6 day program but will always find an approach that best suits your needs, time, resources and level of commitment. The program is built up around two psychedelic truffles sessions with a preparation and an integration day before and after each session. 

We tend not to work according to a rigid method but combine different ones fluidly in response to where you are in your process.

N.B. we do not recommend the use of psychedelic substances, even legal ones like psychedelic truffles in Holland. Only if you choose to experience the potential of the psychedelic effects of magic truffles, we can help you get the most from this experience.

Of course, if you do not feel completely comfortable using magic truffles, we can help you with many very effective purely therapeutic methods.

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We are

A male and female therapist couple

both with an international background. Patrycja is an experienced psychologist in a wide variety of fields, Coen an engineer, designer and an experienced guide of psychedelic experiences.


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