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Online therapeutic sessions cost 120 euros per 90 or 75 minute session.

(We are open to extending or reducing the lengt of the sessions at the same hourly rate)

The core six-day program costs 3500 euros.

Online therapeutic sessions cost

120 euros per 75 minutes for sessions with Patrycja and

120 euros per 90 minutes session for sessions with Coen.

(50% cancelation fee when a session is canceled less than 2 hours before)

The three day program costs 2000 euros.

These costs are excluding the costs for accommodation (we recommend renting a BnB in Rotterdam; not Amsterdam).

And these are excluding the costs the magic truffles which we cannot legally provide (the prices vary per shop and brand, expect 30 to 70 euros per session).

Though we really prefer to work in the area of Rotterdam; if you choose to rent an BnB in Amsterdam or elsewhere outside Rotterdam this will mean that we will add additional travel costs.


Renting an apartment

We will be working at your location so if you are travelling to Holland we recommend you find a B&B in Rotterdam with plenty of privacy and if possible close to a park or some nature.

We do not recommend staying in Amsterdam though it is a beautiful city, renting a B&B in Rotterdam is substantially cheaper and as we live close to Rotterdam it saves us a lot of travel time. If you do wish to stay in Amsterdam or elsewhere outside Rotterdam we may charge extra travel costs.


As therapists we cannot provide the truffles for you so we will recommend one or two brands and a volume for you to buy before the first truffle session. This is generally not a problem, truffles are for sale in smart-shops that are easy to find and wide spread.

The psychedelic truffles session

For the psychedelic truffles session you will lie on your bed with eye-folds and headphones playing a specifically chosen music playlist. If you want you can bring your own eye-folds and on-ear headphones ( non-wireless ) for more comfort. Though of course we will also bring these to the session.


There is no reliable rule for the dose of magic truffles that we can give you. The two determining factors for the quality of the experience are the 'Set' and 'Setting'. Not the dose. As with all psychedelics truffles will evoke a an unbelievably wide variety of experiences in different people and with different sessions. Your experience will be your own, distinctly different from the next person and your experience will be distinctly different from your next experience. There really is no predicting. And it is not true that a heavily built male will need more than a lightly built female. You will find that, generally, people who have a more controlling mindset tend to resist the experience more than people who surrender more easily to the experience. But even this rule of thumb can prove deceptive. In the end we will help you be in a mindset prepared for anything and we will decide a dose together with you based on our experience, your intention and ultimately an amount that you feel safe with. Having said that we generally limit the dose to 50 grams of magic truffles (do not confuse this amount with an amount for dried magic mushrooms). We find that if this dose does not evoke an experience taking more will not make as much of a difference as investigating what seems to be holding you back.

Keep in mind that we offer a very controlled setting -  we certainly do not recommend anyone taking 50 grams of magic truffles without prior experience, very careful preparation and support and we do not recommend this dose to all of our clients.

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