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Patrycja Radecka (Bsc (hons), Pg Dip, MSc)

Mindfulness Therapist, Psychologist, Integrative Counsellor

Patrycja has a rich background in the clinical field, including a master’s degree in Psychology, experience helping people with lifelong conditions such as Parkinson Disease, Dementia, Brain Injury, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Personality Disorders, and Addictions.

She holds two postgraduate diplomas in psychology; one in Psychological Therapies and Neuroscience and one in Mindfulness. Other relevant experience comes from the counselling field, supporting youths, ex-offenders, people who experience homelessness, substance misuse, foster care and domestic violence but also with couples and families. She has worked with people who struggle with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and complex trauma. Her work has helped Patrycja deepen her understanding of the complexity of the needs of various kinds of patients and to see what it really takes to develop higher levels of strength and determination to be ready to move on and make a change in our lives.

Patrycja’s experience coaching and mentoring manager’s level staff allowed her to develop a broad range of tools for supporting peak performance, creativity, stress resilience and emotional intelligence in human interactions.

Her therapeutic interventions are guided by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Somatic therapy, NLP, Internal Family System and Hakomi therapy. These tools help to identify negative core beliefs, negative patterns of behaviour and mind traps and allow people to develop emotional regulation skills and to discover potential, strength and wisdom in themselves.

Having been trained at King’s College London and Queen Mary University, Patrycja ensures that her psychological practice adheres to the standards of the British Psychology Society, she is registered with the Nederlandse Instituut of Psychologen and follows the National Institute of Clinical Excellence evidence base for psychological therapies.

Patrycja has experience working with patients with psychological crisis
and trauma.

When MAPS came to Europe in 2018 to train representative local therapists for the European part of the trial for MDMA assisted psychotherapy for PTSD, Patrycja was fortunate to be invited to follow the training which was a great opportunity for her, not only to learn from two highly respected and experienced trainers in the field of therapy assisted by psychedelic states (Michael and Annie Mithoefer) but also sparring with professionals of different fields related to the study and learning from extreme clinical case examples.

Coen de Koning

Having a degree in physics he is trained in the art of science. His second degree is in Design where he has learned to respect and work with the mysterious force of creativity that emerges from our subconscious. Building on this he has been trained as a guide for psychedelic ceremonies; a training that had a strong focus on the cultivation of compassionate, non-judgmental presence with people struggling with their emotional processes and on providing a non-directive supportive container for challenging experiences. He spent a number of years as a guide with both group and private ceremonies guiding well over 200 people with a wide range of intentions and hopes, dreams, challenges, ages and nationalities.

Now together with Patrycja he is in the process of developing his therapeutic skills while working with clients.

We both

share a passion for self development and personal growth; not just with the help of psychedelics, some of our most profound experiences have come from facing and staying with our own pain with the loving support of the other. We are both in training to become Hakomi Somatic Mindfulness based therapists, a method that is aimed at working with our subconscious material making it ideal for working with psychedelic experiences.

We both have a strong international mindset, with Patrycja having lived and worked in Poland, the US, Ireland, the UK and Holland. And Coen having lived in Curacao, Malaysia and Holland.

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