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Group Retreat on Shame
(under Construction)

our Shame Focussed Psilocybin Group Retreat

Together with Oskar Bull Hansen of an Ane Eugui we are organising a small psilocybin group retreat for 8 participants where we will be supporting you to explore your individual topics specifically through the lens of shame and exploring what this term means to you.


  • 2 online group preparation meetings

  • 2 online group integration meetings

  • 6-day retreat

  • 2 days of psychedelic experiences

  • Exercises focus on safe and authentic relationship with oneself, people and Life*

  • Option to subscribe to our monthly Integration monthly meeting


Dates :13- 19th of November

Cost : 4000 euro (including food and accommodations)

Meeting Location : Schiphol Airport

Kids on the Shore

There are many wonderful and well led experiential psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands, we would like to add a small retreat that focuses on a carefully chosen topic, shame, and uses it to help you feel the benefits of working with these experiences with a group of likeminded fellow participants.

Drawing from over 8 years of working with the powerful emotional content of psychedelic experiences we have observed the value of offering a specific intention to focus on and share in group retreats. This not only helps to more deeply explore a given subject by sharing the wisdom of the group, it also increases the sense of safety and belonging, both pivotal when working specifically with shame.




Why focus on shame?

" Loneliness doesn’t come from not having people around you but from not being able to communicate the things which seems important to you" 

- Carl Gustav Jung

So… what is important to you that you can’t share with anyone else?

Obviously this retreat will not demand from you that you simply share stories of yourself that you are ashamed about. We aim to help you connect with and understand your shame better so that you can take care of it in a way that will help you live more freely.


Shame can be a very beneficial moral guard in society but when it is excessive, automatic and unprocessed, shame can limit our feelings, expressions and our sense of safety. It is one of the core of human emotional mechanisms which is why it can have such a powerful impact on our careers, relationships, happiness and on our health. Our minds have developed specifically to instinctively avoid feeling shame at any cost, as a core survival mechanism. This prevents us from becoming aware of important aspects of our psyche, reaching for help and to be vulnerable.

This means that we will be dealing with very delicate processes and we have designed activities to gently unfold this material with you. You will be supported to decide for yourself how much you are ready to process what arises in you.


You may have other issues in your life such as depression, anxiety, loneliness or other themes that are more important to you at this point than shame. Please use these. Any shame around your subject may not only prevent it from healing but also from you being willing to approach it with curiosity and compassion. Thus, the skill of relating to your shame in a healthy way will ease the way to dealing effectively with other major issues in your life. As we all have very unique ways in which shame is expressed in us we will approach this topic from a range of different perspectives; the body, the mind and cultural perspectives.


Processing your shame may finally allow you to see your true needs and reach for help. Processing this, especially in a group, can help foster feelings of belonging and connectedness. We will be working to create a space to authentically process those emotions and perspectives which often cannot be processed elsewhere. Supported compassionately by our team and the other participants.


While being with these kinds of processes, and as you relax your protection against connecting to the painful parts of your life, you will likely experience vulnerability and anxiety. We want to help you enhance your sense of control, help you to experience a sense of agency when engaging with these feelings.


Shame and psilocybin


As psychedelics are wonderful enhancers of feelings and emotions the psilocybin can help you feel deeply into the feelings of shame in you and help us to explore these feelings with you, both as they arise inside of you as memories of the past and in your present relationship with the group and with us as the facilitators. We will help you to use the support of the psilocybin to observe the different aspects of your shame, how they are expressed in you, why they are there and how you might relate to your shame in a caring, nourishing way. Our aim will be to help you use these experiences to develop skills to relate to your shame so that you can live in a more aware way and with more agency together with the shame you have.


Psychedelic experiences can be potent catalysts of transformation but we will be supporting you to also respect the pace of your process. That your transformation process will most likely not be a simple switch but an ever changing project of a lifetime, a flowing and growing lifestyle to step into in your own way. This may or may not involve future psychedelic experiences, other techniques and practices; you may have a very different and unique way of integrating the lessons you gain into your life.


Through psychedelic experiences we welcome chaos into our lives. This chaos may encompass feelings of fear, safety, sorrow, joy, love, hate, shame, pride, connection, disconnection. These feelings we so often try to push away or pull towards us are now something we willingly invite with intention so we can learn to dance with them all. We find that these skills tend to make us wiser beings and can serve us and those around us for the rest of our lives.




Being in a group can be very challenging. Therefore, in this retreat we will not be promising you a safe space but rather invite you into a brave space that will require support and attunement to your individual needs by the facilitators. We will allow plenty of time and space to get to know each other and to help you authentically interact with each other and participate in the exercises and participation will always be optional.

We will help you to connect to your bodies and emotions first to be able to decide when you want to be by yourself or not and where you want assistance or support.

All small (break-out) group exercises will be led by facilitators to model new ways to experience yourselves and others.

We will guide meditations, movement sessions, breath work, small and big group sharing circles, art expression sessions, journaling, and relational exercises.


We have decided to offer a high level of privacy to help you focus on your process. Therefore we will ask all participants not to share private information about status, profession, background, country of origin and we will ask that the use of mobile phones will be restricted to the private bedroom to help remove distractions. You will be free to share any private info with each other at the end of the retreat. 


Extra support


Many people express concerns that there is a very close connection during the retreat but that this will simply be over once the retreat ends.

As a part of this program there will be 2 online group preparation sessions before and 2 online group integration sessions after the retreat. We will also be offering monthly 2-hour online integration meetings to help reconnect, check in, to hear how you are doing, if you are getting the support you need. And to help the community we build with these retreats to have a chance to stay connected. These ongoing integration meetings will be based on a subscription fee. An important part of this fee will go toward helping people access the retreat who can’t afford it.

Our Team

We have chosen each other as a team for this because we deeply trust each other. This allows us to be our authentic, flawed selves. We would love to show you how and share this experience with you. We feel our different personalities, our various years of experience and diverse kinds of education complement each other and this has been important in building that trust.


Patrycja has a rich background in the clinical field, including a master’s degree in Psychology, experience helping people with lifelong conditions such as Parkinson Disease, Dementia, Brain Injury, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Personality Disorders, and Addictions.

She holds two postgraduate diplomas in psychology; one in Psychological Therapies and Neuroscience and one in Mindfulness. Other relevant experience comes from the counselling field, supporting youths, ex-offenders, people who experience homelessness, substance misuse, foster care and domestic violence but also with couples and families. She has worked with people who struggle with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and complex trauma. Her work has helped Patrycja deepen her understanding of the complexity of the needs of various kinds of patients and to see what it really takes to develop higher levels of strength and determination to be ready to move on and make a change in our lives.

Patrycja’s experience coaching and mentoring manager’s level staff allowed her to develop a broad range of tools for supporting peak performance, creativity, stress resilience and emotional intelligence in human interactions.

Her therapeutic interventions are guided by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Somatic therapy, NLP, Internal Family System and Hakomi therapy. These tools help to identify negative core beliefs, negative patterns of behaviour and mind traps and allow people to develop emotional regulation skills and to discover potential, strength and wisdom in themselves.

Having been trained at King’s College London and Queen Mary University, Patrycja ensures that her psychological practice adheres to the standards of the British Psychology Society, she is registered with the Nederlandse Instituut of Psychologen and follows the National Institute of Clinical Excellence evidence base for psychological therapies.

Patrycja has experience working with patients with psychological crisis
and trauma.

When MAPS came to Europe in 2018 to train representative local therapists for the European part of the trial for MDMA assisted psychotherapy for PTSD, Patrycja was fortunate to be invited to follow the training which was a great opportunity for her, not only to learn from two highly respected and experienced trainers in the field of therapy assisted by psychedelic states (Michael and Annie Mithoefer) but also sparring with professionals of different fields related to the study and learning from extreme clinical case examples.


I had my first psychedelic experience in 2013. After that I have been very fascinated by the potential that lies in these molecules. In recent years, I have read most of what I have found about psychedelics and psychedelic-assisted therapy and have combined this with courses and practical experience.


Ane Eugui is a visionary in the field of psychology and holistic healing, with a background in Integral Psychotherapy and Level 1 training in Internal Family Systems (IFS). Her journey of self-discovery led her to immerse herself in meditation, including Vipassana retreats, and become a dedicated Reiki practitioner. Currently pursuing her third year of study in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Ethnotherapeutic approaches, she blends diverse modalities to facilitate transformative experiences.

With a holistic approach, Ane integrates psychology, meditation, Reiki, transpersonal psychology, breathwork, and psychedelic insights to tailor individual paths to expanded consciousness. Her dedication to personal healing underscores her belief that one must walk their own path to guide others. She actively participates in the psychedelic renaissance, serving in psychedelic circles and empowering clients to embrace lives of passion, purpose, and meaning.

Residing in Barcelona Ane offers compassionate guidance for profound healing and spiritual growth, empowering clients on their journeys of self-discovery, self-healing, and realizing their fullest potential.


Having a degree in physics he is trained in the art of science. His second degree is in Design where he has learned to respect and work with the mysterious force of creativity that emerges from our subconscious. Building on this he has been trained as a guide for psychedelic ceremonies; a training that had a strong focus on the cultivation of compassionate, non-judgmental presence with people struggling with their emotional processes and on providing a non-directive supportive container for challenging experiences. He spent a number of years as a guide with both group and private ceremonies guiding well over 200 people with a wide range of intentions and hopes, dreams, challenges, ages and nationalities.

Now together with Patrycja he is in the process of developing his therapeutic skills while working with clients.

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