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PHP Retreats

We organise legal psilocybin experience group retreats in the Netherlands for you to experience the potential of this substance. We base the program and our way of supporting these experiences on the current insights from scientific research and our strong ties with the medical field. 

Calm Sea


All retreats involve two psychedelic experiences, so participants take an initial moderate dose of (legal) psilocybin truffles followed, a couple of days later, by a higher dose. Most retreats follow the widely researched music-playlist/lying down/eyes-closed format. The October 2023 & May 2024 retreats will follow the meditation format used in Swiss research and well described in this article, although we will have two separate doses of truffles, rather than the single psilocybin dose used in the research.

Growing evidence shows that psychedelic experiences can be very helpful for people who are doing fine in their lives, as well as for people suffering from a wide variety of psychological difficulties – see for example the post ‘Recent psychedelic research: their use in the general population’, other posts under the general heading ‘Potential benefits of psychedelics’ and links to the many research publications highlighted in our Network’s regular ‘Psychedelic news‘ updates. Additionally, modern research studies show that psychedelics – when taken with care and when people are carefully screened for their suitability – are surprisingly safe. It is worth noting that psychedelics are not safe for everyone. PHP operates stringent screening procedures to keep everyone as safe as possible, but risks can never be completely eliminated, and all retreat participants are required to complete Informed Consent forms prior to attending. See the post ‘What are the risks?’ for a discussion of these issues.

The dates of the retreats are:
16th October to 21st October 2023 (psychedelics & meditation focus)
22nd April to 27th April 2024 (psychedelics & music playlist)
27th May to 1st June 2024 (psychedelics & meditation focus)
8th to 14th July 2024 (closed retreat)
5th to 10th August 2024 (psychedelics & music playlist)
23rd to 28th September 2024 (psychedelics & meditation focus)


Our retreats are intended for ‘general population’ participants rather than people currently struggling with significant psychological difficulties (for whom a 1:1 format is likely to be more appropriate). Participants will take a moderate dose of psilocybin truffles on the day after arrival at the retreat and a higher dose two days later, using the well-established format of lying/sitting with eyes closed (with the option of an eyeshade) and listening to a music playlist designed specifically to accompany the psychedelic experience. The May 2024 and September 2024 retreats involve two doses of truffles, but taken in a meditation format. The July groups are in a different format and open by invitation only.


COVID-19 information

We now follow a testing procedure to guard against Covid, so there isn’t a necessity to have been vaccinated, but we will ask all retreat participants to test for infection before and during the retreats.
Anyone applying for one of the PHP retreats will be sent a detailed Application Form which will cover important information necessary for our team to decide if psilocybin is safe in your case, and if our retreats are suitable for you. You will then be contacted by one of our screening team and, if appropriate, a screening video call will be set up. It is of the utmost importance that you are completely honest and that you provide us with full and correct information during this process so that we can ensure your safety and the safety of others.



Preparation and integration

Preparation and integration are key aspects of these experiences, and we have given careful consideration to how we can build these in effectively on either side of the retreat. Prior to arrival, everyone will be assigned to a small ‘pod’ of 4 participants, with each pod having 1 facilitator (a 1:4 ratio) who will be working with them on the retreat. As part of their preparation, participants will have a 1:1 video call and a usually also a small group video call with their pod facilitator prior to the retreat, during which they will have the opportunity to get to know each other, talk through personal intentions and get more practical details about the retreat. Following the retreat, there is a further 1:1 and a further pod video call with their facilitator and also an online meet-up as the full group too. There’s the option of continuing to meet thereafter in a peer support format. The group will also be able to connect via WhatsApp and will have access to PHP’s network-wide monthly orientation/integration group.


Fees and other costs

Sadly our 2024 retreat fees now also need to cover VAT at 20% as well as a small increase to cover additional accommodation costs. This means our 2024 prices are £2,450 for a six-day retreat (two psychedelic experiences). This covers facilitation, accommodation, food & return bus travel between Amsterdam & the retreat centre as well as two to three pre-retreat and a couple of post-retreat 1:1 and small group video calls. There’s then the option of continued peer support group interaction. You will also need to allow about £60 for the psilocybin truffles. We will set aside time prior to the bus journey for you to buy the truffles you’ll be using, and we’ll meet in an Amsterdam ‘Smart Shop‘ where you can do this.


Cost for a Psychedelic Retreat in 2024:

6 Day Retreat (two psychedelic experiences) – £2,450
including facilitation, accommodation, food & return bus travel between Amsterdam & the retreat centre and access to three pre-retreat orientation & three post-retreat integration video calls

As a community organisation, we seek to widen access to our retreats and we aim to price them with inclusivity in mind. As a result, we are currently able to offer our six-day, two-ceremony retreats at much lower prices than other leading retreat providers, especially when factoring in that our retreats involve five nights, two ceremonies and half a dozen video calls … see in comparison here and here.

Our team

PHP’s facilitation team comprises an enthusiastic and caring group of seasoned mental health professionals including GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists.  It is important to note that although all of them have health professional backgrounds, they are not working in any medical, clinical or health professional capacity for PHP and do not take any medical, clinical or therapeutic responsibility for participants while they are facilitating retreats or afterwards. The PHP facilitation team members have personal experience with psychedelics and so are familiar with the exploration of altered states of consciousness. Our facilitators provide support before, during, and after the retreats in a confidential and sensitive manner. We do our best to help our participants to feel safe and comfortable enough to trust the process, knowing that they are in good hands. Find more about our facilitators here.


How do I apply?

Although psychedelic truffles are comparatively safe, it is important that they are used thoughtfully and with the right set and setting. Using them won’t be appropriate for some people and anyone with a personal or family history of bipolar or psychotic disorder, or a history of significant trauma or psychological difficulties is typically advised against the use of psychedelics and signposted to other more appropriate interventions. To ensure participant safety, it is important that the PHP team is aware of ANY relevant mental health history. Current use of antidepressants may be a contraindication and because psilocybin produces a transient increase in blood pressure, formal research studies also typically screen out those with a history of coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease, poorly controlled hypertension and other unstable medical conditions. These situations will be discussed on an individual basis at the screening interview. 
If you would like to apply for one (or more) of these retreats, click on the Apply Now button below. We will be in touch to ask you to fill out a (fairly detailed) initial screening questionnaire. The detailed information is necessary to help us keep all participants safe while on retreat and afterwards, so your understanding and help with completing this questionnaire as comprehensively as possible is very much appreciated.


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